Leaking Balcony Repair

Many contributing factors can lead to a leaking balcony. External elements like UV and rain together with separated main perimeter joints, cracked, pitted and porous sand-based grout or separated silicone can all allow water to pass beneath the surface of the tiles. Other areas that can contribute from is the incorrect application of a waterproof membrane or significant building movement. Once the water passes beneath the surface of the tiles it causes the visible damage to the adjoining areas and ceiling below your leaking balcony area. Visible signs of a leaking balcony or external area can include swollen skirting boards, bubbling paint work, damp carpet, rusty door frames and damage to the ceilings and cornices below. These visible signs can otherwise be known as ‘rising damp’. A leaking balcony should not be left untreated for a long period of time as this can cause costly structural damage in the long run.

In most cases tiles are not the cause of the leaking balcony, as mentioned the grout and silicone joints are the main culprit. The use of silicone, water based liquid penetrating sealers or even sand based grouts claim to solve the problem, however, they are mere ‘stop gap’ or a short term fix. AllSealedWA can skilfully remove the grout/silicone from the joints and replace it using our exclusive AllGrout (epoxy grout) or AllFlex (high grade silicone) products. All backed by a 25 year product warranty you can rest assured AllSealedWA is the cost effective, long term solution you need.

In the event that our simple regrout repair service is not suffice, a full strip out and retile of the leaking balcony area may be required. AllSealedWA can assist and complete this task from start to finish for you.


Here at AllSealedWA we offer obligation free quotes and electronic water detection tests. After the initial diagnosis of the cause, we meticulously explain the repair method and procedures required. A formal written quote is then provided.

An AllSealedWA balcony regrout repair service is carried out by our trained, qualified tiler technicians and details all areas within your leaking balcony are to prevent further water penetration causing you costly and unsightly damage to surrounding areas.

Through the use of our exclusive high-quality epoxy grout and silicone sealants, a standard AllGrout balcony repair service is the cost effective solution to stop the leak without removing tiles, with the exception of when a full retile is required.

A full regrout or retile of your balcony area varies in the time required due to factors including size, weather and scope of works. We work diligently to have the works completed as efficiently as possible.

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