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AllSealedWA is a Western Australian locally owned company and specialist repairer providing a genuine, long term permanent solution to fix leaking showers, balconies and other wet areas without removing tiles via grout and silicone replacement.

With over 15 years experience in the industry, there isn’t much that we haven’t seen or cant fix.

The use of our exclusive range of branded products and long term solutions enable us to achieve a high customer satisfaction and reliability that is recommended throughout the industry.


We have sourced some of the best products from around the world and branded them ours. This allows us to provide genuine, cost effective and long term solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout your AllSealedWA experience we are happy to clarify any questions or queries that you may have. Here are just a few commonly asked questions.

A shower or balcony generally leaks due to the deterioration of grout or silicone. This is largely caused by the minor building movement or settling in the main perimeter joints of your shower recess or balcony area. The use of silicones or water based liquid penetrating sealers claim to solve the problem, they are mere ‘stop gap’ or short term fixes.

Upon completion of the AllSealedWA shower service, the recess can be used again after a short 24 hour period.

A standard shower service can be completed in approximately 3 hours. This time may slightly vary depending on the scope of works required.

A shower or balcony leaks due to the penetration of water through the grout or silicone then passing beneath the surface of the tiles. This penetration subsequently is what causes the visible damage to the adjoining areas of your shower recess or balcony area. Otherwise known as ‘rising damp’. A leaking shower or balcony should not be left for a long period of time as this can cause costly structural damage.

No. In most cases tiles are not the cause of the leaking shower or balcony. The grout and silicone joints are. Therefore, AllSealedWA can skilfully remove the grout/silicone from the joints and replace using our exclusive AllGrout or AllFlex products.

From acceptance of the quotation, AllSealedWA will aim to have a technician onsite within 3-4 working days at a mutually agreed day and time.

Tiling? Of course we do. We can carry out very simple 1 tile or broken soap dish repairs, through to retiling of shower floors and walls and even large square metre tiling and renovations. You name it, we can do it.

Indeed we do! All our team are vaccinated as per government mandates and we follow strict Covid procedures whilst onsite at all times. Rest assured your safety is paramount.


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A friendly AllSealedWA team member will personally meet with you at the property.


Diagnosis, Explanation & Written Quote

During your consultation the leaking shower or balcony will be diagnosed using an electronic water detector. This includes a full explanation and a written quote provided.


Leak Repaired

A fully trained AllSealedWA technician carries out the service using our exclusive range of products.

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Peace of Mind

The exclusive AllGrout product is backed by a 25 Year Product Warranty.




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Leaking Shower Repairs

It’s no secret that a steamy, hot shower is the best way to relax and unwind after a long day. Your shower is your personal sanctuary, and like anything you love, it’s important to take care of it. Just like a crying baby, it can be hard to understand the demands of your trusty tiles and plumbing. If left ignored, your shower-related problems can become detrimental to your sanity.

What do you do when your shower starts seeping liquid into your walls and floors? When your tiles start looking more miserable than your dog when you leave for work? Your damp flooring and cracked baseboards can function as a homing beacon to bugs searching for a water source. This singular issue can quickly, and without warning, turn your beloved haven of steam and soap into your biggest nightmare.
The shower you eagerly jump into before you begin your day, can rapidly transform into a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Hardly the kind of shower company you want.

AllSealedWA knows the importance of your time under the tap. The avengers of your calming “me-time”, we offer fast and efficient solutions for your leaky, tired showers. The best part? Repairing your shower concerns with us is not only fast, but affordable.

In the rare instance you find one of our products or services at a lower price with an identical warranty on the market, our Price Beat Guarantee ensures you will receive our service at a 5% discount.
By allowing AllSealedWA to solve your shower problems, you’re not only choosing quality and reliability, but are supporting a WA owned and run business.

Our highly competent repair professionals provide house calls for every repair job. We will provide a detailed consultation about the state of your shower before presenting you with a free quote, guiding you to make an informed, and suitable decision.

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High-Quality Shower Repairs

If you suspect water penetration in your shower walls or floor tiles due to leakage or mould degradation, contact AllSealedWA today. We combine state-of-the-art sealing technology with 15 years of industry experience to provide swift and effective solutions for any leakage complication.

Our expert technicians repair and replace any damaged silicone seals in your residence, guaranteeing years of functionality and peace of mind. Our restoration specialists can provide leaking shower repairs without removing any tiles, ultimately saving you money and time. AllSealedWA’s most-used products include:

AllGrout – If you want an exclusive two-part epoxy grout system that can withstand harsh chemical cleaners while being resistant to persistent water damage and stains, a treatment using AllGrout is the perfect solution. AllGrout is approved for exterior use, but is primarily an ideal product for all bathrooms and kitchens. This product can be applied in a range of colours to match any homeowner’s aesthetic. Fill in your grout joints with AllGrout to make your shower recess appear brand new for years to come. AllGrout’s 25-year product warranty is a testament to this product’s value and success-rate.

AllShield – For a sealant treatment that provides a fast solution without ruining the aesthetic of your tiles and grout, ask our experts about our AllShield product range. AllSealedWA’s exclusive AllShield product collection is the faultless choice for your home. AllShield provides a water and mould-resistant barrier for your shower, combined with a five-year product warranty, promising quality and aesthetic excellence.

AllFlex – Tired of postponing your shower and opting for another few spritzes of dry shampoo? Sick of timing your after-work steam-time in fear of the fast-growing mould at your feet? AllFlex’s silicone sealant dries within 24 hours, getting you back into your shower in no time.

As the name suggests, AllFlex is an AllSealedWA exclusive flexible sealant that maintains a watertight seal, even in areas with sweeping temperature changes such as exterior spaces. Repairing water damage and leakages shouldn’t disrupt your routine, which is why this product’s quick-drying and flexible nature is perfect for anyone short on time.

At AllSealedWA, we cater to all commercial and residential clients, no matter your budget or time frame. Our skilled team of technicians provide the same high-quality treatments that yield lasting results for your home or business. Feel free to browse our previous clients’ testimonials at allsealedwa.com.au to see why our approachable and efficient team, and the services we provide, come so highly recommended.

Detailed Shower Waterproofing

Mould is a silent spreader, growing colonies under your feet as the spores thrive off moisture and heat. To prevent potentially toxic mould from infesting your home, and tarnishing your relaxing morning showers, invest in professional shower waterproofing with AllSealedWA. Our technicians will apply a light layer of watertight material, known as a waterproofing membrane, ultimately obstructing water from collecting outside of your shower and under your tile floor. While ambitious DIY projects have become a popular pastime, leave shower waterproofing repairs to our trained professionals.

While we tackle your leaks and grout, you can focus on perfecting that sourdough recipe, or finally organising the mystery drawer in the kitchen…
Undetected mould exposure can lead to various health complications, all of which our trained specialists are equipped to handle.

These include:

  • Eye irritation
  • Skin rashes
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Asthma complications
  • Bleeding in the lungs

Do not risk your health and safety. Trust the specialists at AllSealedWA for your shower waterproofing needs.

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Shower Repair Services to Suit Any Budget

No matter the issue, AllSealedWA specialises in a variety of repair services at cost-effective prices. Our services include:

  • Leaking shower repairs and balcony repairs
  • Epoxy grout and silicone replacement
  • Tile Regrouting and Restoration
  • Shower waterproofing
  • Soap dish instalment
  • Shower screen substitution

While other technicians may insist on the removal of your current tiles prior to repairs, AllSealedWA aims to use your shower’s existing features as a foundation for improvement. We prioritise efficiency and excellence through our variety of tailored services, continuously finding ways to save our clients’ money. We pride ourselves in fixing any leakage or grout issue.

Our services guarantee our clients a long-term solution, not a quick fix that will inevitably cost more down the road. Left untreated, water damage only intensifies. Our trained experts aim to repair all issues in a timely, but effective, manner. When you choose AllSealedWA for your shower repairs, you choose friendly and cost-efficient service.

Call 1300 884 117 today to receive a free analysis and quote.

What Are the Signs of a Leaking Shower?

If you are uncertain whether your shower requires immediate repairs, be on the lookout for these potential warning signs:

  • Holes in the grout, both inside and around your shower
  • Bubbling paint or peeling wallpaper can be an indication of water in the walls or flooring
  • An earthy, musty smell near the shower area. This is typically a sign of harmful mould that can deteriorate grout and wood
  • Cracks on the floor in and around the shower indicating structural movement has occurred
  • Damp carpets and stained watermarks on flooring can eventually result in possible timber decay and weakened mortar

If you suspect water leakage or deeper structural damage, contact AllSealedWA immediately. Our experienced technicians are trained in advanced moisture detection and will perform an efficient and high-quality inspection. Whether you are renovating your own beloved bathroom, improving the value of an investment property, or providing repairs to your business, we guarantee a solution.

With AllSealedWA’s thorough diagnosis and treatment recommendations, you will avoid further financial costs that will only escalate as time goes on. Before any tile is settled or unearthed, our professionals perform rigorous flood tests. We also test shower installations for possible leaks by securing the surrounding floor and connecting waste lines and filling the shower stall.

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Fix Leaking Showers Once And For All With AllSealedWA

AllSealedWA boasts 15 years of experience in providing permanent solutions for clients across Western Australia. There is no leak, grout or mould problem we haven’t seen. We understand our clients value transparency and efficiency when it comes to working inside and around their homes. Our team of specialists strive to provide clarity throughout our consultations, respecting your time and privacy. AllSealedWA’s free in-person diagnosis and quote comes with a thorough explanation of needed repairs. Honesty, simplicity, and zero hidden fees.

We encourage client curiosity throughout our consultations, Feel empowered to ask questions and even challenge our prices. With our Price Beat Guarantee, we will lower our asking price by 5% if a competitor offers the same service at a lesser cost.

The most common causes of a leaking shower are not difficult to diagnose. Cracked, pitted, or porous sand-based grout and mouldy separated silicone are generally the culprits of your shower-related troubles. Other areas that can contribute to a shower leak are deteriorated shower screens or an inadequate plumbing foundation.

Through these areas, water can pass beneath the surface of the tiles and be absorbed by the surrounding walls, skirting boards and flooring. Visible signs can include swollen skirting boards, bubbling paintwork, damp carpets, rusty door frames and damaged cupboards.

These are all tell-tale signs that you are in need of leaking shower repairs. While the diagnosis of these issues is relatively straightforward, it is vital that skilled experts provide any treatment services. In the interest of your time, money, and sanity, let the team at AllSealedWA do the dirty work.

Here at AllSealedWA, we offer obligation-free quotes and electronic water detection tests. After diagnosing the cause, we meticulously explain our recommended course of action for your specific shower repair, providing a formal written quote.

An AllSealedWA shower regrout repair service details all related areas of focus within your leaking shower. A singular leakage or mould issue can quickly escalate, so our team is committed to finding your leak’s original cause, preventing further water penetration.

Using our exclusive high-quality epoxy grout and silicone sealants, every AllGrout shower repair service we provide is a cost-effective solution that avoids unnecessary removal of tiles. A full regrout of your shower recess will generally take between 3-4 hours on average. Our thorough treatment methods are efficient, meaning you can use your shower the very next day!

AllSealedWA values our client’s business and trust. We strive to be your first choice for any shower leakage issues in your commercial or residential space.

As soon as you notice any sign of water damage in your shower, call 1300 884 117 for a free quote today. In no time, AllSealedWA’s expert team will have you and your family back singing in the shower!


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