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AllSealedWA has the exclusive AllGrout product. The AllGrout product is a 2 part epoxy grout system which is suitable for interior and exterior use. With outstanding chemical and stain resistance, a range of tintable colours and a extremely low absorption rate, the AllGrout product is the obvious choice when searching for a genuine, long term cost effective solution to a very common problem.
The AllGrout product is ideal for the use to regrout all shower recesses, balconies and all residential and commercial re­grouting services.

AllGrout 25 Year Product Warranty

Colour Matched

Colour tinted to match existing grout as best as possible.


AllGrout is Stain and chemical resistant.

Fast Drying

The Shower or balcony can be used within 24 hours.

Epoxy Grout

Not a standard sand or cement based grout.


The AllShield product, exclusive to AllSealedWA is a unique impregnating sealer which unlike other topical sealers or coatings will not change the appearance of your tiles or grout. The molecular structure of AllShield has molecules which are hundreds of times smaller than competitor sealers and penetrate much deeper into the pore structure. Inside the pores, the special molecules bond permanently by chemical reaction, creating a substantial, deep oil and water-resistant barrier. The AllShield product is resistant to stains and most non-acidic cleaning chemicals. The composition of the sealer still allows the sealed grout or material to breathe, therefore mould resistant.

The AllShield product is suitable to use used on small mosaic tiled floors where regrouting is not an option, natural stone tiles or as a premium sealer option for the wall grout in your shower recess.


AllShield 5 Year Product Warranty


Clear Impregnating sealer – No change to tiles or grout.

Fast Drying

The Shower or balcony can be used within 24 hours.


High level oil & water repellence offering superior protection against staining and efflorescence.

Water Based

No harmful smells or odours.


Exclusive to AllSealedWA the AllFlex Product is a superior, high grade silicone sealant used in a range of areas both inside and out. With mould, UV, chemical and temperature resistance properties the AllFlex product is a specialised product for areas where different materials meet (ceramic to timber) or large amounts of movement occur and areas where a flexible sealant is required. These can include the main joint between a laminate vanity top and tiled splash-back and the main perimeter joints of a shower recess of timber construction.
The AllFlex product can be used for shower screen silicone joints, vanity and kitchen bench joints, tiled expansion joints and more.

AllFlex 5 Year Product Warranty

Colour Matched

Large range of colours to match as best as possible.


AllFlex is a high grade silicone.

Fast Drying

The serviced area can be used within 24 hours.


Suited to interior & exterior uses AllFlex can withstand up to 25% movement.


Our AllClear product is exclusive and a real game changer. The product is a specialist powder made from a blend of ingredients to outperform the rest.

As a glass surface is not smooth (seen under a microscope) soaps, shampoos and calcium can deposit in the pits and pores. Thus, forming the hazy appearance.

Used in paste form with specific process, the AllClear product simply dissolves the impurity and brings it to the surface of the glass enabling our trained technicians to remove the harsh soap scum, calcification and hazing from glass shower screens.

AllClear can be used on numerous types of glass surfaces and even ceramic tiles where calcification has occurred.



A specially formulated product.

Cost Effective

Cleaning & restoring is far cheaper than replacement.


Suited to all types of glass & ceramics.

Water Based

No harmful smells or odours.


AllBondnBlok is a waterborne ultra-fine molecular structure pure acrylic adhesive emulsion used in an emulsified state.

AllBondnBlok can be used in many areas and acts as a strong bonding adhesive. Ideally injected between delaminated substrates it can save a drummy sand/cement render or hollow tiles from the need to remove and start again. It is great at filling a small void and adding strength.

This innovative product saves time and money, can be used in conjunction with many of our other specialist services and the area can still be used the next day.



Saves time & money


An alternative that won’t be even be noticed.

Fast Drying

The serviced area can be used within 24 hours.


Can be used in numerous circumstances.

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