fix shower without tile removal

How to Fix a Leaky Shower Without Removing Tiles

Showers leak for several reasons, but the main cause is building movement.

The area where the wall meets the floor is the main source, as the grout tends to break, allowing water to reach the subfloor. However, without removing the tiles, this and several other factors can be resolved.

But can you DIY?

For the budding property owner in Perth there is always the option of doing it yourself (DIY) grout repair. Unfortunately, most products available on the general retail market often only provide a temporary solution, even when applied correctly.

This is because you’ll probably only target the area where you see a gap in the grout, in the bath or shower, or between the floor and wall tiles. It’s likely there are other leak areas you’re not able to identify during your grout repair.

What makes this option even less favourable is that after all the hard work of doing it yourself, silicone-based retail products tend to go mouldy within a very short period of application. And in general, most products may not withstand building movement.

Your leaking shower could be fully sealed, simply by having all known areas where leaks are likely to start sealed by a professional.

Why would this work?

Inadequate waterproofing, movement and inferior products could be the cause of a leaking balcony—not to mention rain and UV. Damage can be unsightly, and very costly to repair.

In most cases, AllSealedWA will repair your leak using exclusive products and specialist procedures. We like to pinpoint the leak, determine the cause, and provide a definite solution. We also explain the process in easy-to-understand language, so a client knows what they’re paying for.

A standard balcony regrout service addresses the key weak points of your balcony area. In the event a regrout repair won’t be suffice, we’ll quote for grout replacement, which involves removing all tiles, waterproofing, and starting afresh.

At the completion of a standard regrout service, your balcony area can be used the next day!