5 warnings signs your shower is leaking

5 Warning Signs your Shower is Leaking

Whether a busted pipe or scary storm, water can cause havoc in the home.

Thus, a hidden water leak in your bathroom can lead to serious problems: water damage in the bathroom and surrounding rooms, and effects on the structural integrity of your bathroom. Not to mention a hike in water bills!

Musty, earthy smell

A common indicator of a leak is a musty smell similar to what you may find in an old basement. This earthy scent means water is accumulating with no way to dry. Constantly pouring out, the water lacks the necessary conditions for evaporation.

It’s important to note this smell is only a symptom, not the actual problem, and a strong hint at least one of the following issues are taking place.

Water is coming from the shower floor

It’s almost impossible to tell if the leak is coming straight from your shower floor. However, if you notice watermarks on the ceiling (from a bathroom located upstairs), this is a serious red flag.

To check, clean your shower floor, let it dry, and then cover the drain with duct tape. Fill the shower with water and wait about 15 minutes to see if water forms on the ceiling below. If so, the issue is likely related to an improperly sealed or cracked shower tray or base.

Your shower is leaking from the drain

Drain issues are quite common when it comes to plumbing-related leaks. Troubleshoot this part of your shower after checking the shower floor situation.

Remove the duct tape and let the water drain as you check carefully for leaks. It might just be a simple matter of replacing the drain, a straightforward and inexpensive process. If unsure about removing and replacing your shower drain, a trained plumber can do this for you.

Issues with grouted tile

Once you’ve confirmed the leaking shower is not related to the drain or shower tray, chances are it could be a result of missing or cracked grout between tiles. Splash or spray bits of water on one wall of the shower at a time, checking for leaks as you go.

Take a close look at your grout lines before and after wetting them. Be on the lookout for missing grout or obvious holes. These are the likely culprits when you have a leak in a tiled area. All you need to do is apply new grout to any portions that seem vulnerable. This should remedy the shower sealing problem.

Pipes are causing problems

Water seeping through the ceilings or walls is not always due to a leaky shower base. In many cases, you’ve probably run into an issue with your plumbing behind the walls or under the floor.

Old pipes tend to wear down over time. Or you might have an issue with a fitting that needs to replacing. The good news is, a plumber can handle most leaky pipes, fixing the problem for you. The bad news is, you may have to rip out part of the floor or walls to gain access before troubleshooting the issue.

There’s water on your bathroom floor

Puddles of water gathering on your bathroom floor after a shower are probably due to a leaky door. Shower doors rely on good seals and a tight fit to prevent water from breaching the shower area, and getting into your bathroom.

High water bills

The final tell-tale sign you have a hidden leak isn’t in your bathroom, but in your wallet. Monitor water bill and water use to see if they match up correctly. A monthly statement that shows more water consumption than expected may be the result of a leak. Securing a bathroom shower leak repair should help stabilise your bill.

Make showering fun again

Dealing with leaking showers can be stressful. Especially when you discover the cause is something that can’t be fixed without professional help. But don’t worry. We are experts at providing leaking shower repairs in Perth.

An AllSealedWA shower regrout repair service is an efficient, affordable way to detail all areas within the leaking shower recess, preventing further water penetration and the resulting costly and unsightly damage.

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