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5 Signs Your Shower Needs A Repair: Red Flags You Should Attend To

A refreshing shower at the end of a long day can relieve stress and fatigue. However, just like any other amenity in your home, your shower isn’t immune to wear and tear. It’s vital to stay vigilant for any signs of damage to prevent a minor issue from turning into a major, costly repair. In this blog, we will provide you with an understanding of the various red flags indicating your shower might need repair.

Indications Your Shower Needs Attention

Persistent Dripping Taps Or Roset

A persistent dripping tap or roset is one of the most common yet frequently ignored signs of a shower in need of repair. Not only does this result in wasted water, but it can also signify a more severe underlying problem, such as a faulty valve or washer.

Pitted, Porous & Cracked Grout Joints

Overtime, sand based grout oxidises, change colour and also become very pitted and porous. This eventuates in cracking and areas falling out. As a result this can allow water to pass beneath the surface of the tiles and create significant signs of damage known as rising damp.

Rising Damp

A typical sign of a shower leak is visible bubbling paint, staining and swollen skirting boards. This damage is otherwise known as rising damp. Left untreated a shower leak can be very costly in repairs to all the surrounding areas that are affected.

Visible Mould and Mildew

Mould and mildew growth in and around your shower can indicate poor ventilation or leakage, both of which require attention. Not only are these fungi unsightly, but they can also cause health issues, especially for those with respiratory problems.

Cracked or Damaged Tiles

Over time, the tiles in your shower can crack or become loose. This not only affects the aesthetics of your bathroom but also poses a safety hazard. More importantly, it can be a sign of water leakage causing structural damage.

Final Thoughts

Your shower is an essential component of your daily routine, and ensuring its optimal operation is vital. By staying alert to the signs of damage and addressing them promptly, you can maintain the longevity and efficiency of your shower system. After all, nothing beats stepping into a perfectly functioning shower to kick-start your day or unwind in the evening. 

So, don’t ignore the signs. Treat your shower to the care it deserves, and it will reward you with years of reliable service.

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