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4 Dangers of a Leaky Shower

Often dismissed as a minor issue, a leaky shower can lead to host of problems, becoming a long-term financial drain.
While the sound of a leaking shower would drive anyone mad, it also takes a lot of effort to clean the mould and dirt caused by a leaking wet area. Not to mention, a constant leak may damage your property; white ants love the combination of timber and moisture.

Potential health concerns are also an issue. The presentation of mould in your house can cause all sorts of health problems. Mould associated with damp buildings is known to trigger nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and respiratory infections, as well as worsen asthma and allergic conditions.

The way to control indoor mould growth, is to control the source of moisture. Firstly, try and establish where the moisture is coming from. Is it a plumbing problem, or is water getting through the tiles and grout? Is shower waterproofing needed?

Clearly it’s important to make sure your drainage and plumbing system is always in excellent working condition. Bathroom shower leak repair is essential, not only protecting your investment—and therefore your wallet—but more importantly, your family’s health.

A shower leak may be caused by a number of factors, from high water pressure to cracks in the pipes. Whatever the explanation, you must take care of the matter as soon as possible. Not repairing the leak right away can have serious repercussions.

Possible negative results include:

Unsightly water stains

If you’re particular about the look and feel of your shower area, fix the leaking bathroom fixture immediately. Constant dripping may cause unsightly water stains to walls and glass doors which could require substantial effort to remove.

High water bills

The leak may not seem like much, but over time, will badly impact your expenses. A leaking shower can waste around 12-20 litres per day. You might be wasting precious water without realising it, only to notice the problem when your utility bill arrives.

Potential health risks

Perhaps the worst effect of a leaking shower is the adverse effect on health. Moulds can grow, building up on shower walls or floor. The growth can cause health issues ranging from mild to severe respiratory problems, eye irritation, and skin rashes. Headaches and fevers are also known symptoms.

Expensive tile repairs

Leaky showers can lead to more serious structural damage over time, forcing entire bathroom renovations. Luckily there are better solutions if you act now, like re-grouting leaky shower sealing before the situation worsens. In the long run, a bathroom shower leak repair can save you money.

My shower is leaking, what should I do next?

Inspect the area and try and figure out what might be causing the leak. Is it a constant leak, or is it only occurring while the shower is in use?

An AllSealedWA shower regrout repair service details all areas within your leaking shower recess, to prevent further water penetration causing costly and unsightly damage. We are the go-to professionals for shower floor leak repairs.

Don’t leave the problem unsolved. Using our exclusive high-quality epoxy grout and silicone sealants, a standard AllGrout shower repair service is the cost-effective solution, without the need to remove tiles.

Calling experts like AllSealedWA for leaking shower repairs in Perth is the best way to avoid the issues mentioned here. And the good news is, you can even extend the service life of your shower by making sure it’s kept in great condition.