Leaking Shower Repair

Fix leaking showers using exclusive AllSealedWA products for a long lasting, cost effective solution.

An AllSealedWA Leaking Shower Regrout Service Includes

All existing grout or silicone is removed from all shower floor joints including around the floor waste, main perimeter (wall to floor) joints and main vertical (wall to wall) joints to a suitable depth.

The exclusive AllGrout product is then applied and used and a grout replacement.

The deteriorated and mouldy shower screen silicone is removed.

The AllFlex silicone product is applied to the shower screen inside perimeter joint.

The existing wall grout is cleaned and a clear penetrating sealer is applied.

Tap flanges are then sealed behind/around where possible.

Leaking Shower Repair - Exclusive AllGrout Product.

Where the existing wall grout is cracked, pitted porous and severely mouldy a full regrout may be required. This will be determined at your free consultation and quate presentation.

An AllSealedWA standard leaking shower regrout service will take approx 3-3.5 hours. Due to the composition of our products, serviced areas can be used within 24 hours of completion.

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