Leaking Balcony Repair

Fix your leaking balcony using AllSealedWAs exclusive AllGrout product.

An AllSealedWA Balcony Regrout Repair Service Includes

Leaking Balcony Repair

Balcony tiles are cleaned where necessary.

All existing grout or silicone being is removed from all balcony floor grout joints including around the floor waste, main perimeter (wall to floor) joints and main vertical (skirting and fascia tile) joints to a suitable depth.

Th exclusive AllGrout product is the applied and used as a grout replacement.

The AllFlex silicone product is applied to all window and door frames opening onto the balcony area.

All balustrade mounts are sealed using the AllFlex product.

Any existing expansion joints are removed and replaced using the AllFlex product where necessary.

An AllSealedWA balcony regrout repair service time is size and weather dependant. This will be determined at your free consultation and quote presentation.

Due to the composition of our products, serviced areas can be used within 24 hours of completion.

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